Thursday, October 30, 2014

Does God love everyone? Watch video and answer. Only 2 mins.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Are you a Genuine Christian? (Please Share)

Are you a genuine Christian?
I am going to give you 5 ways to know you are a genuine Christian. The Bible says to examine our faith to make sure we are in the faith. Won’t you do that today? If not let me lead you closer to God and His Son Jesus Christ.

1)      You were called by God. The Bible says you were called with a Holy calling. Not necessarily someone told you God loves you or told you to believe, but you heard the gospel inwardly and God revealed Himself to you. You understood He is Holy and you were a helpless sinner. Christ as a sacrifice was offered for your pardon and God gave you faith to believe.
2)      Fear God. Upon conversion you were immediately filled with the Fear of God. It is to hate sin or to want no part of it.
3)      Love God (By obeying his commands) and love the brethren. You love obeying God and it is not grievous to you. You also love all true brothers and sisters that stand up for God’s Holy Word and love Jesus.
4)      You believe Jesus is the Christ or Son of God. (Also God in the flesh) You will never come off the reality that it is Jesus alone that gets you into heaven and what he did. No one will be able to take Him from you. If you lose everything but Him you would still be OK.
5)      You love the Word of God (The Bible) You love God’s word and defend it no matter what. You don’t defend your own opinion or what you think it says. You defend God’s word doing this truly means you defend Christ Jesus since He is the Word of God.
Do these 5 characteristics belong to you? Do you no longer take pleasure in sin? Do you hate sin and long to be Holy if so examine yourself to make certain you are a Christian. It sure sounds like you are. May God bless you and count you worthy of His Call.

Your Brother In Christ,

James Peters