Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Truth about Christians

Dear Readers,

     We must wake up out of slumber and come back to total faith in Christ which leads to total obedience to Him and God's will. The time is short and we must focus on the Kingdom of God and His righteousness by prayer, study of God's Word, and preaching the Gospel of Christ. I do not care what your profession is be it a doctor, lawyer, tax man, plumber, loan officer, teacher, or whatever it may be. You have a duty to talk about God and to preach His Gospel. It is your mission and primary purpose in life.

     I want to address something that we so quickly forgot. All of us were once sinners doomed to an eternal hell. We sinned against God and were under His wrath. We heard the Gospel and obeyed it from the heart and put our trust in Christ Jesus but didn't we do it because God called us. We are quick to talk about others yet isn't it true that we are GREATER sinners than everyone else? Is there anyone who has never sinned one time after he came to Christ Jesus? I don't think so. How much more responsible are you oh man or woman who have known Christ Jesus have escaped the wrath to come and yet have still sinned. Never forget this reality that Jesus has spared you because He chose you. He loves you and has decided to cleanse you from every sin and secret fault. Everything you are that is good and Holy is from God. If He took His mercy and grace from you you would fall into sin immediately. Look to Jesus for salvation and mercy. Look to Jesus for hope and strength. Look to Jesus for salvation and if you have wandered from Jesus. Go back to that place you left Him and you will find Him there.

I love you
Your Brother in Christ

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