Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Lie Against The Truth

Dear Readers,

     It is one thing to not understand and do so out of ignorance, but do not lie against the truth and sear your conscience. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit comes to reprove the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. To deny that this is true is to lie against the truth. The ultimate consequence is to be left to be a reprobate and end up very evil and left to do what you desire to do. Ask God for mercy. Plead to Jesus to be saved from sin. If you are born again live right. Do what is righteous by your faith in Jesus Christ.


James Peters


  1. When they take the words of the little book given to us by way of the Holy Spirit, and twist into lies, leading men's souls into hell, they blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, and has grievous consequences. Any one teaching out of that book better just read it allowed to their ears, for there is no mistakes that way, this allows the Holy Spirit to work through you and Gods own words do the work on the spirit of the persons hearing it. But when men interpret incorrectly, is putting stumbling blocks in the path, leaven in the bread, which converts not the hearers and they all remain as they are divided among themselves. We come not in the unity in Christ as thoughts, but as a way we walk as one, as living sacrifices not every man for himself as you see in their churches, We are many members each one having different gifts to lay on the table for all, presenting our bodies as living sacrifices which is our reasonable service Romans 12:1 is very clear and the total image of a follower of Christ, all in all, one mind, one Spirit, one soul, one body, one accord, look at campers on a camping trip, they all at that time live for the camp, the ones gathering firewood gather it for the whole camp, the fishermen catch the fish for the whole camp, the cook cooks for the whole camp. This is as well an image of the true church Christ founded in the creating earth, look to the trees, ant, and honey bee, little children do it ><> take three children give one a bucket of ice cream another a box of cones, the other one an ice cream scoop, What will they do, but put the gifts on the table and share a cone together, by putting all their gifts together the outcome blesses all of them equally, why can men not live as one as they were taught by Christ, which is simple words is to love your neighbor as your self. Every tree that does not bear fruit freely from it branches just as Christ, and the disciples who become like unto the Master as they walk as He walks freely giving as He was given, as we are called.

  2. PT 2 ><>

    They are blinded as women standing on their heads in but dresses, Jesus calls them naked , discovering the skirts upon their faces Jer 13:26, Nah 3:5 , and their sins are with them, as in Rev 3 lack of repentance, for they follow after the world getting all they can for themselves as they claim Christ but serve the mammon, ( personal gain, riches, money ) self centered, living in lust wanting all they see, coveting all that others have which is idolatry. Jesus taught us to get shed of the possessions for that reason it shows your heart is upon yourself and not others. they as well bear false witness, found to be adulterer's, taking the Lord's name in vain, as a woman marrying a man we go to Christ as brides He the Bridegroom, we must follow the house rules, as God is the head of Christ, Christ the head of the man, the man the head of the woman, they must follow the rules of the Husband, as Christ kept Father's commandments as His Husband, so we too Keep Christ commandments. Remember these words "POSSESSIONS IS NINE TENTH'S OF THE LAW"

    If you have 2 coats give one to he who has not, do like wise with your food, if you have 3 coats and give one away, does not the command still stand as you now have two, give one away, If you are given 10 coats, nine are required of you. For he who has much much is required, to he who has little little is required. When we live all in all, it removes so many laws, as we prove our love for the church to lay down all we are for them as Christ did as well we live for the whole literally this is the pure spiritual walk with God as He intended us to live, in harmony with one another as the trees of the forest live for the whole forest, the ant for the whole hill, the bee for the hive. This is the communion in Christ life for life, the churches have fallen away, and unless they repent they will be found to unbelief, for they take part of the book they like leaving behind the Gospel of the Kingdom where everyone lives for the Kingdom and is provided for by the whole Kingdom, we learn through Christ to live on earth as it is in heaven ><>

    <>< AHO AMEN EMENV ><>