Thursday, April 23, 2015

Modern Churches Want Everything But God

Dear Readers,

I have been noticing lately so many talking about how God loves them, how God is good, how God wants to bless them. I see entertainment going on in the church. It is very sad to me. When we look at scripture every one who had a true legitimate encounter with God the first thing they said was never OH God loves me, or OH God bless me. It is always they tremble in Fear because of God's HOLINESS. I hear pastors say OH God is here can you feel Him? Oh if you cannot feel him you must not be saved. Really God is here? If God showed up everyone in the building would be trembling with Fear and repenting in dust and ashes. 

I am tired of people not understanding who God is. The beginning of knowledge of God is understanding His Holiness. Most say I know God is Holy, yet they have no true comprehension of what that means. When you begin to see God in His Holiness you cannot help but Fear Him. You cannot help but see yourself as the sinner you are. You see His terrifying wrath, his aweful judgment, and even hell. It is only when we come to the throne of grace that we can see mercy, truth, Jesus, forgiveness, God's love, hope, faith, and goodness. They both go hand in hand though. You cannot have one without the other. 

Let us walk in the light so that Jesus blood cleanses us from all sin. Let us understand who God is and that His Holiness is so mighty so awe inspiring that we must Fear Him. That we must honor Him in everything we do and say. Do not forget if you are born again the Holy God of heaven lives within you. Do not subject Him to evils and to sin. He has given you power over sin that you may take dominion over sin. Trust in Jesus and pray and read scripture. Grow to become a mature Christian.

If anyone or any pastor is telling jokes, stories, providing entertainment, not doing everything they can to bring you into perfection which is what they are commanded to do. Shun them. Run from then. They are not true men of God. 

If there is sin or willful rebellion in your life and you walk into a church and are not convicted and afraid. Run. There is nothing Holy there.

God bless and keep you.

Your brother in Christ,

James Peters Sr.

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