Friday, November 6, 2015

The Monster Inside

        People smiling pretending everything is OK. All the while there is this MONSTER inside them lurking in the shadows. Some restrain it, some give loose to its passions. Others pretend it is not there or it is normal to be this way. Truth is none of us are alone in this monstrosity we call life. Sin and evil are ever present inside us all. Be it not for the grace of God we would all be like HITLER. Some get little grace some get lots of grace. However there is a restraining influence upon all of us. This influence is God's Spirit wrestling with men to succumb to the Son of God Jesus Christ. There is a sin unto death folks. Stop pretending. Start pleading for the mercy of God before your life's cord is cut and your time here on earth is over. Flee from the Wrath of God that awaits on judgment day into the arms of JESUS NOW. Don't delay. For a moments delay and you will slip into eternity on the enemies side.

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