Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Fear of God That Saves

     The modern church for some reason has done away with the Fear of God. It seems as if sin has become the norm and that no one can escape from the clutches of sin. It seems as if every church you go to the pastor or teacher makes sin a joke and tells everyone everything is OK and that there is peace upon all.
     The truth is there is no peace. We are living in the last days and this is the time when we need the Fear of God more than ever. The book of Malachi says that in the last days those who Fear the Lord will get together one last time and God will make a book of remembrance about them and they will know who serves God and who does not.
     God's fear comes upon initial salvation. When God draws a man and calls Him to Holiness He gives the man a seal of His Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. This is a divine hatred of sin and displeasure of sin. Before a man truly is born again he loves sin and enjoys it. He longs for it and pursues it as if it is his passion. When a man meets Jesus in all His Holiness he comes to an end of himself and realizes that he is truly evil beyond understanding. He falls at the feet of Jesus for mercy and Jesus grants the mercy he seeks. Fear is deposited and he despises sin and understands at that moment how terrible it really is. This is something you HAVE to have. If you lack the Fear of God ask God to save you and give you mercy and the his Spirit more and more. If you have departed from the Lord ask God to bring you back and give you the hatred of sin you so desperately want.
     The Fear of God is not a servile or slavish fear like the world wants you to believe. The world knows that true Godly men have Godly fear and they make fun of them. They say who would want to serve God the dictator who makes men do things. Well the Fear of God is an honor of God because you love Him and don't want to hurt Him. He has pardoned you from the wrath to come and you hate sin because it separated you from God. Don't ever depart from the fear of God.

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