Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why most are not called to be Holy by God.

Dear Reader,

        If you find yourself reading this post wondering why you are a Christian and why God chose you rather than all the others. It began before you ever existed. You were going to be a child of the most High God because well God said so. It really has nothing to do with your own works or goodness because let's face it none of us measure up to Jesus or perfection. It is unclear exactly why God chooses some and allows others to continue in sin, but I have seen enough hearts reject Christ and preached enough to have an idea.
       It goes something like this. God calls some out of this world to be Holy. Usually it is a divine calling to flee God's wrath to Jesus Christ. I have heard others say no it was more of a boom I am called to be Holy and LONG to be Holy and love the Lord. I understand I sinned I fled to Jesus and he saved me. However there are some who profess to be Christians and are not they were never called and are not true Saints of God. Then there are others who are not Christians don't claim to be and are either never going to be called by God or are yet to be called by God.
     The Bible says that the calling is a Holy calling. It is a calling from sin to personal Holiness. Now one never can be Holy looking at his own flaws but the more you look at Jesus and draw close to Him you begin to radiate with His Glory. We are called to share in His Glory and we move from glory to glory until one day we are glorified.
     So why are some never called and do most end up in hell. I believe that God willing to save them, offering them eternal life, and sacrificing His Son Jesus for them all this they do not care. They personally LOVE sin. They cannot let it go. I have spoken with men and women who look at a thing upon preaching and say well I would have to leave this and that I cannot do. It is the sin they cling too. For that reason God will never call them and they will perish forever. A child of God when confronted with sin and Jesus will give the sin up because NOTHING compares to the love of Jesus and holiness in the Lord. We long to be holy and free from sin. A sinner who clings to sin would never want to go to heaven for heaven would be even more miserable then hell to him/her.
     As a Christian make sure that God has called you to be Holy. That you are elect called of God. If you do not internally desire Holiness but call yourself a Christian it is time to examine your faith to make sure you have the real thing. God's children have the Holy Spirit therefore they LONG to be Holy. The devils children have the spirit of the anti-christ therefore they love to sin. Secretly or outwardly they don't really care.
    May God bless and keep you today.
James Peters

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