Monday, February 10, 2014

The Storm of Life

Dear Readers,

     I sit here and think about my own life and what I am going through currently. It seems as if all hell is breaking loose. I raised an 8 year old child as my own son for almost 8 years and suddenly without notice he was ripped from my home and given to his biological father. I am currently involved in a major custody battle and not seeing my son very often. My heart is torn and there is no one on this earth that can comfort me except for the Holy Spirit of God.
     I think right now is the time to go to Him and ask Him to help me deal with this struggles. Not all of our struggles are the same. Many of you are dealing with situations far greater than this such as health issues, children being lost, trying to overcome sin. One thing that we as Christians have in common though is we have a Father in heaven who truly cares and can understand what we are going through because of His son Jesus. Right now I ask that we stand together, I need your prayers in this lonely time and while I am going through this storm even though you are not with me in person you can be with me in prayer. I too will stand with you. Feel free to share some of the trials you are going through so that we can stand together. May God keep us in His loving mercy until the end.

God Bless,


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