Sunday, January 19, 2014

Faith is hard when life is in the dung pile.

All I can think about anymore is my youngest son Prestyn. He was taken from me 4 months ago unlawfully and since then my life has seemed to crash. I have spent almost every dollar I had on attorneys and other things to get him back. The two attorney's I hired failed to properly represent me and because of that did not get Prestyn put back in my home. This child has been my non-bio son since birth. I raised him his entire life. He stayed with me 4 days a week until he was 4 when he moved in with me full time until he was almost 8 when the cops came and took him. The bio-dad filed an order signed by a judge without notice to me or the mom and without a hearing and since then it has been nothing but a nightmare. It is hard for me to focus on work so I am taking a leave from work, bills are piling up, and now I have no money to get an attorney. Please please check out the video below and SHARE it. Maybe the news media will pick this story up, maybe an attorney will help, or maybe enough people will donate that will help me get an attorney. I truly NEED your prayers right now. So please pray for me and share the link.

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