Friday, January 24, 2014

Hurting on the inside.

So many of us so often because we are supposed to be Christians and super in the faith cannot share our feelings and what we are going through with others. Not because we want to continue a charade but because we don't know who we can trust to take our thoughts and feelings into consideration and not share them with the world. At the end of the day isn't it true that we all need someone we can share who we are with, what we are going through, our struggles, our feelings of insecurity, our shortcomings in Christ. The perfect person is God Himself. It is always good to have a close friend one you know you can count on in this life, but some of us just don't have those in the flesh. Not saying we don't want them of course but sometimes we have periods or times in our lives where God is trying to grow us and get us closer to Him. If you are going through something like this right now please remember that God is closer to you than you are to you waiting on you to speak to Him. Let Him guide you and comfort you today.

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